Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merchants Getting in the Game of Gift Cards

As written in the article Key Facts about Gift Cards, it is much easier for small retail shops to start selling gift cards than they might think. In fact, when merchants begin looking into gift cards, they should also investigate opportunities to save on their credit card processing as well. For example, a typical merchant with $10,000 in monthly MasterCard and Visa sales could save at least $200.00 per month by lowering their processing costs by 0.002.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Key Facts About Gift Cards

Gift cards empower customer acquisition and retention-minded retailers

In an up and down economy, retailers (large and small) simply cannot afford to leave money on the table. To do so ultimately requires laying off loyal employees or missing out on opportunities to sustain their business until the economy stabilizes. Whether by lowering credit card processing costs, or accessing cash advances when traditional financing is no longer an option, retail merchants must come to know of the equity they build simply by accepting credit cards in their business. In most cases, tapping into this equity enables retailers to sustain, expand, and reposition their businesses into dynamic profit centers.

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