Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mobile Social Marketing for Independent Retailers

In today’s competitive marketplace, small, independent retailers must implement same caliber mobile and social marketing tactics as big-box retailers and online merchants, or risk being left in the dust in the race for customers. Groovv® Offers is an easy-to-use mobile and social marketing tool that increases traffic and drives repeat sales. Groovv® Offers takes the guesswork out of marketing by having hundreds of themes and templates to choose from. This enables merchants to customize an offer in minutes, then send it to their customers of Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, and even their own website – all with a single click.

Groovv® Offers is another dynamic solution powered by Total Merchant Services with small retailers in mind. Crafted from Total’s acquisition of FanMinder, Groovv® Offers enables users to easily create offers, reach customers anywhere, and send offers Facebook, Twitter, and other social sharing platforms. With Groovv® Offers, merchants can create specials, coupons, sales and more using a gallery of hundreds of headlines, offering types and stunning themes. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, Groovv® Offers also enables merchants to send offers to their websites, email lists, or as text messages, all with one click.  

Groovv® Offers makes it easy for merchants to acquire new customers because every offer is sharable, making it easy for customers to spread the word. Also, Groovv® Offers enable retailers to tap into customers spending 46% more with merchants offering reward programs than those not doing so. And Groovv® Offers equips merchants for viewing every offer’s performance in a real-time dashboard that is available anytime, anywhere. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No Long-Term Merchant Services Contracts

End Bad Merchant Services Contracts Today!
In today’s competitive marketplace, retailers of all sizes must maintain the freedom to partner with vendors offering the leading-edge technologies that keep their businesses competitive and operating efficiently. Just as paying for processing and point-of-sale equipment is a thing of the past, so is signing long-term contracts for merchant services. Total Merchant Services totally gets it. Not only does Total provide merchants with free equipment of every variety, they do so as merchants only sign on a month-to-month basis.

Why? So that Total Merchant Services can earn its customers’ business everyday by providing excellent service, and innovating with small retailers in mind.

Many small retailers find themselves stuck in long-term contracts with merchant service providers inhibiting their growth through poor service, high rates, and non-existent innovation. Terminating, in most cases, requires paying up to $500, which is burdensome for most independent retailers. For example, some merchants pay 50 basis points more on transaction processing than they would if they were a Total Merchant Services customers. Assuming $20,000 monthly credit card sales, reducing rates from 1.69% to 1.19% would save $100 per month or $1,200 annually. And, merchants with no long-term contracts can leverage their freedom into lower rates and newer equipment when necessary for their continued patronage. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Next Day Funding for Small Retailers

Merchant cash advances for small retailers
In today’s competitive retailing marketplace, small, independent retailers must have access to working capital when needed. Merchant cash advances have emerged as a viable alternative, particularly when traditional financing is not an option. Merchant cash advances are not loans, but advances against future MasterCard and Visa sales paid back via a small, agreed-up percentage of daily credit card transactions. There are no fixed payment schedules, no restrictions, no collateral, and no bank fees – all the business has to do is keep doing business as usual.

With payments solutions for every situation, Total Merchant Services also provides cash on demand for small retailers, including next day funding via merchant cash advances. This enables retailer operators to expand or renovate their stores, or introduce new products or advertising campaigns to grow their businesses. When the need for capital arises, Total Merchant Services shows small retailers the money. 

QuickBooks® Integrated Credit Card Processing

Free QuickBooks Pro 2013 Placement

In today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace, retailers of all sizes gain exponentially with easy-to-integrate solutions. One solution that helps make small retailers more efficient is QuickBooks® with integrated credit card processing. This dynamic solution enables small retail merchants to streamline their storefront interface with their back-office operations to manage their business’ finances more efficiently.

The Total Merchant Services processing solution includes free QuickBooks® Pro software and a free USB card swipe device. Total Processing in QuickBooks® eliminates the need for a separate processing terminal as well as the need to enter batch transaction in accounting software.

Total Merchant Services offers the QuickBooks® with integrated credit card processing available as free placement to small retailers, furthering their mission to end the days where merchants have to buy or lease equipment. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Internet Credit Card Processing

In today’s competitive retailing marketplace, small, independent retailers must be equipped to perform the same functions online as well as they do in their stores. Doing so enables them to ensure their ability to provide a consistent customer experience across each selling platform they control. One option is a virtual terminal, which enables merchants to log into a website and run transactions. Another option is an e-Commerce solution, which enables merchants to connect their website to an online shopping cart.

Total Merchant Services (TMS) specializes in helping Internet-based businesses accept payments online securely and cost effectively. Focusing on small retailers, TMS provides competitive merchant accounts and PCI compliant payment gateways that integrate with most shopping cart setups available in the marketplace. Total Merchant Services Internet processing options enable retailers to:

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and gift cards
  • Automatically deposit your payment directly into their bank accounts
  • Manually process credit card transactions from offline orders
  • Issue credits, void transactions, and view your list of transactions
  • Identify suspicious transactions with built-in fraud tools 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free Mobile Payment Readers

Payment Jack powered by Roam Data technology
Retailing and selling requires businesses of all sizes to maximize the latest technology to ensure they are giving themselves every opportunity to reach customers. The proliferation of smart phones has caused seismic shifts in commerce from brick-and-mortar and even the Internet to mobile phones. In response, an increasing number of merchant services providers make free mobile payment readers available to retailers large and small to infuse digital mobility into their transaction processing mixes. 

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Total Merchant Services (TMS) was among the first providers to align mobile payment rates with traditional, in-store processing rates when the merchant obtains the customer’s signature. 
Groovv Offers 

This approach enabled merchants to integrate their mobile payment devices into their in-store operations in addition to in-field sales, with many added benefits to the retailer. For example, mobile payment readers such as Payment Jack (or Groovv® Payments) enable retailers to improve their customer servicing capabilities by equipping their checkout teams to step from behind the counter out onto the floor to break down lines when necessary.

With Payment Jack, merchants can:

  • Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Use signature capture on touchscreen devices
  • Email receipts to customers
  • Check transaction history and reports via phone and online

Payment Jack is perfect for these industries:

  • Direct sellers
  • Food delivery services
  • Gardeners and landscapers
  • General contractors, electricians, masonry and carpentry contractors
  • Taxi, limo and airport services
  • Mobile business owners
  • Mobile market vendors: artists, farmers, antique sellers

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gift Loyalty Rewards Cards

In today’s competitive retailing marketplace, small, independent retailers cannot afford to leave money on the table for big box and online merchants to seize. By offering gift cards, and establishing a comprehensible loyalty and rewards program, indie merchants take huge steps toward reclaiming customers and revenues lost to more forward-thinking and agile retailers. According to the Total Merchant Services website, “gift cards keep customers coming back and they often spend more than what’s on the card. Plus, gift cards help simplify managing store credits and can help combat fraud by keeping your cash in your store.”

Tweet: Free $25 American Express Gift Cards for U.S. based small retailers RT #shoplocal cc: @cardscashreward

Whereas the gift feature enables merchants to acquire new customers, the loyalty and rewards features will propel customers to keep coming back. To entice customers, merchants can offer free products, dollar discounts, or percentages off future purchase. in association with Total Merchant Services specializes in all-in-one gift, loyalty, and reward programs for small, independent retailers. Both entities thrive on innovation with small merchants in mind and are devoted to the success of America’s independent retailers.